Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Glass Fused Dish - Colorful Weave Pattern

In this blog, I make suggestions about creative projects and I provide tutorials as well. My main goal is to spark ideas in others so that they can then go out there and do something creative themselves. I'm a firm believer in that each person should have at least one hobby because it helps to balance out your life. Anyway, I enjoy making glass fused plates, thanks to my significant other who talked me into taking on yet one more hobby : ) A couple of years ago I went to an exhibit about textiles at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. I was inspired by pieces that were not made of cloth and yet they had a woven pattern and texture so the objects looked like material. So, I started to experiment with a mold in my glass fusion class which allowed me to bend strips of glass and to weave then into each other. My second attempt is shown below and I'm happy with the way it turned out. 


Etsy Shop - Sparked Ideas Art

This plate fits into the dessert decorating theme that I've been focusing on in this blog so far because it kind of looks like strips and strings of taffy.  In case you're interested in purchasing this item for yourself or as a gift then please visit my Etsy shop which is called Sparked Ideas Art (see link the above). 




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